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EXPERIMENTA is a platform for underground films, experimental videos and narrative motion pictures. It is to entertain, to persuade; and to examine the semiotic symbols that mark and measure of our times.


EXPERIMENTA is founded on the ideologies of experimentation, creative process, and open dialogue across a variety of art forms and styles. Our most fundamental conviction is that artistic experimentation has the potential to transform and enlighten individuals and communities.

Since 2008, Experimenta has curated /co-curated over 50 exhibitions, screenings and live events. 

As a small non-profit organization, we pride ourselves in maintaining an inviting space for artists particularly from Hong Kong and from countries all over the world, to imagine and develop their visions without artistic constraint.  The unbridled creativity combined with strong advisory and curatorial mentorship makes Experimenta a valuable place for artists.


It is our aim to steadfastly maintain the character that distinguishes us and allows us to enable and foster innovative collaboration as well as constructive feedback. We aim to engage the public with the unique voices and fertile thematic content that our affiliated artists-past, present, and future- have explored and will research in depth.

Film and Live Media


EXPERIMENTA functions as a platform for experimental and narrative, motion picture filmmakers.  Some of the most innovative narrative styles and montages originate from both experimental and narrative styles. As such, we operate from our supported conviction that the talents from both approaches would benefit from a robust point of intersection and dialogue.  


Our organization provides the space and opportunity for experimental and narrative filmmakers to experience each other’s work in an open environment in order to achieve a productive juncture for collaboration and learning.

A particular highlight of EXPERIMENTA is our support for indie filmmakers and video artists at all stages of their professional development. We also encourage amateur artists as well as students to attend workshops or screenings as a proactive stance on multi-faceted artistic training and cultural learning in general. The inclusive nature of the film/live media exhibitions and activities facilitates authentic dialogue about important topics. Furthermore, because of the variety of backgrounds, levels, and voices, there is a true potential for peer-centered education and networking for collaborative opportunity.

Apart from demonstrating our desire to support filmmaking and live media on a general and collaborative basis, we also endeavor to focus attention to particularly superior filmmaking in terms of theme, content, cinematography, or editing. 

Visual Arts Exhibitions

Experimenta invites artists with an attitude, who are not afraid to work outside the commercial art market and who are highly dedicated to their arts.  The exhibitions at Experimenta are almost all new productions and Asian premieres; they are site-specific to the crowded back alley environment of the location.  


All our exhibitions takes at least 9-12 months from inception to execution to exhibition, so we encourage artists who had great ideas to contact us at least one or even two years ahead of their intended show.  Artists who had shown at Experimenta were from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Australia, Japan, Portugal, France, Brazil, Chile, Romania and the USA.


The venue was created with artists- in- residency in mind. We have a fully functioning space for artists to reside in as well as work within. As a result, we have the ability to invite artists from around the world to stay and work in Hong Kong for a period of 7 days to 4 weeks.

New Location in 2017-2019

Experimenta has moved its art space from Hong Kong to Beijing following a film exhibition at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in September 2016.   Experimenta will continue an artist in resident program starting September 2018.  

SUPPORT a truly independent space 

Experimenta is a rarity in Hong Kong in that we are not supported by any government agencies or corporation.  We hope to maintain independence and strive to show films and art without any other commercial interests at stake.


The Experimenta Foundation is a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation with an annual audited account since 2010.  We need your contribution for our exhibitions.  Please donate to us or to specific exhibitions or to specific artist. 


We need most is support from individual art lovers like you.  If you would like to become an art patron with a specific contribution to any exhibition or artist, please write to

Hiring & Internships

Experimenta will be stationed in Beijing for one year starting in November 2017 for a new exhibition in 2018.  

Summer student internships in Paris ( June – September 2019 ) :  Experimenta is developing a feature length experimental film with graduates from EICAR Paris.  Interns will be responsible for location scouting and translation work.  Contact us before June 2019 :

Experimenta is hiring 2 professional gamers for its 3D immersive project for ISEA 2016. (  this is a freelance job for the months of June to December 2016).  

All jobs and internships are paid positions.


For Art Central ONLY 22-26th March 2016 :

For other exhibitions : Iris Tsang

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