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La Maison des Artistes

Many artists and filmmakers are struggling financially in the wake of the past few months during the Covid-19 outbreak.    Experimenta has recently founded a new base in Paris, France and we hope to show our solidarity with local artists.   This project, La Maison de Artistes, was initiated to support them during this difficult times. 

Experimenta will resume our exhibition and screening programs in the third quarter of 2022.  We will constantly monitor the health situation and will update our subscribers asap.


We start out with presenting two Japanese - French artists : filmmaker Reiko Kondo and visual artist Annco Muira. They had both lived and worked in Paris for the past 20 years.   These are beautiful art work made by the artists ; any funds raised would go to helping these artists to continue their creative livelihood in Paris.


There are also emergency relief funds proposed and made available by artist associations and government.   We have also listed a number of initiatives for fellow artists and filmmakers wanting to apply for emergency funding.  

Experimenta is a non-profit organisation ; 100% of proceeds will benefit the artists directly.


Reiko Kondo was born in Tokyo.  She graduated from the  Film School of Tokyo and  l’EICAR (Ecole Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation) Director’s Section in Paris.   She had lived in Paris since 2000 and has worked as a filmmaker and artist.  One of her latest films, From Now to Eternity , was screened in Hong Kong.  


To supplement her income, she also work as an translator for Japanese crew shooting in Paris.  Reiko is fluent in French, English and Japanese. Because of COVID-19, all works are canceled since this February. 

Reiko says "  I don’t know from when I can work again like before.  Since midnight of 16th March, all cinemas are closed in France and all shooting are postponed or cancelled.  All events and festivals are cancelled.  I am completely unemployed and I need help so that I could continue my work. " 

Untitled 4209 42W x 42H x 0.5 Euro 500,00

Untitled 4237 42W x 42H x 0.5 Euro 650,00

About creating origami art "  I made a silent film called "MÄRCHEN II". To decorate the inter-titles, I prepared a lot of Japanese origamis and hand-dyed Japanese papers.


Three years ago, the film's protagonist Amandine became a mother of a little girl.  To give her a gift, I had reflected on it and decided to create an origami art thinking of our memories.  Since then, I have started creating origami arts. 

Untitled 4235 43W x 43H x 0.5 Euro 550,00

Untitled 4236 42W x 42H x 0.5 Euro 700,000

All origamis and hand-dyed Japanese papers came from Japan, all origami arts are handcrafted, original design, single unique piece.

Untitled 4214 25W x 25H x 0.5 Euro 250,00

Untitled 2035 25W x 25H x 0.5 Euro 250,00

Useful information and links for Covid-19 Emergency Fund


On May 6, the President of the Republic and the Minister of Culture announced new measures to help the cultural sector after the confinement . 


These measures directly concern artist and authors:

- Exemption from 4 months of social security contributions 

- Easing of access to the solidarity fund
- Possibility of being reimbursed for rents for a workshop or studio
- Launching of a public order for young artist-authors whatever their field of competence
- The contribution of artists and technicians to extracurricular activities

The government and the Regions have set up a Solidarity Fund with 7 billion euros for "natural and legal persons carrying out an economic activity which meet the eligibility criteria.


In particular artist-authors will be able to benefit from aid up to € 1,500 from this solidarity fund . 

The government announced on April 24 the extension of the solidarity fund device beyond May for restaurants, cafes, hotels, businesses in the tourism, events, sports and culture sectors .


Funds for Visual Artists in U.S.

The Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant

If you're a sculptor, printmaker or painter with over ten years of experience, the program offers larger grants of up to $15,000 for unforeseen expenses. The application specifies that it's a one-time grant related to a specific emergency, such as fire, flood or medical needs.

Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

Professional visual artists, media artists and choreographers living anywhere in the United States can apply for up to $5,000 to cover unforeseen expenses. Please note that a panel reviewing the applications will begin in May and June.

CERF+ Artists' Safety Net

Artists working in craft disciplines—including but not limited to clay, fiber, metal, wood, glass, concrete, plastic, synthetic fibers or recycled materials—can apply for emergency grants of up to $3,000 from the Craft Emergency Relief Fund.   Artists must demonstrate that they've been making a sizable portion of their living from their craft for three years. 

Online Art Event during COVID 19

How Can We Think of Art at a Time Like This?  is an online exhibition, co-curated by Barbara Pollack and Anne Verhallen as a platform for the exchange of ideas at this time of crisis. 


The curators invite artists who are considered thought leaders, artists who struggle with futuristic pessimism, political outrage and psychic melt-downs.  

This site is also a platform for free expression,  inviting visitors to post responses on our Commons page.  The curators hope to open a dialogue at a time of social distancing.  Art offers solace or has instigated resistance and rebellion.   Join in the conversation !

Documentary Producers Alliance 

Wavelength Productions Keep The Lights On Fund $5-$10K Grants for films in post Apply by 5/15


Sundance Institute Announces $1M Emergency Relief Fund for Independent Artists and Organizations


Film Independent Emergency Filmmaker Support Fund $500-$5,000 grants for Film Independent Fellows


The Save Small Business Fund Opens Monday April 20, 2020: Grants up to $5,000


NEA CARES Act Grants Deadline 4/22/20 (part 1), 5/4/20 (part 2)

Info session on Zoom 4/20 12 noon PT / 3PM ET


Field of Vision/Topic Studios Documentary Freelancer Relief Fund

Field of Vision is accepting applications for individual grants up to $2k from their emergency relief fund beginning 9am ET on 4/8, until 6pm ET on 4/10 or until they receive 750 applications. There will be a 2nd round May 6-8.


Artist Relief Emergency Initiative $5K grants Round 1: 4/8-4/23


American Documentary COVID-19 Artist Emergency Fund


IDA Navigating US Unemployment Compensation as a Filmmaker

Freelancers Union: What the CARES Act Means for Freelancers

Freelancers Union: How the Paycheck Protection Program Can Help Freelancers 


Vox How To Get Coronavirus Unemployment Insurance

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