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Sfaiter film



The Trilogy Project Interview
Art Basel 2013 VIP Events
gabriel hosovsky  
  videographer   Slovakia
gheorghe sfaiter
  multi media artist & scholar  Romania
The Trilogy Project brings together 3 video artists whose works are rarely shown outside their own countries.  Here are interviews of Gabriel Hosovsky and Gheorghe Sfaiter. 
The interview of Jonathon Ebron was recorded by TVB Pearl Money Magazine and is available on www.program/ 
TVB interview

Jonathan Ebron talking to TVB Pearl Money Magazine by Linda Kennedy


Gheorghe Șfaițer :

”Generally, memory reveals flashbacks with many uncertainties especially in the emotional area, so that the image of a distant past is somewhat illusory.

There are times when you wonder if what you really remember was real or an illusion ...”

” I would like the movie presented in a contemporary art gallery, a large hall where there will be 12 or 14 screens, suspended on ropes (like laundry to dry), not in the same plane but in different planes and of different sizes. And on these screens the film sequences to be presented in a certain succession. This would be a way to render the uncertain image of memory.”

A child, a student and he - a grown man, a metaphorical trinity, a symbol of the dynamics of time perception over a lifetime, are also actants of narrative type in The Darned Bulb.  Starting from certain states and subjective emotions of a substantially autobiographical substrate, the flow of time is unwound, deconstructed or, more specifically, explored up to the elementary level of its visual particle, the one of the frame, thus trying to recompose another kind of understanding of film discourse itself, namely that of an  analytical perception. It is like when something, an event or occurrence, does not seem credible, as if you can believe it&, you check back with a closer, more analytical look that has the capacity to slow the course of things and explain them.

The kinetic style of the images, jerky and syncopated like an insecure baby walk, dislocates a type of naive perception, an uncertain relationship between time and motion. On the other hand the text

of the script, in Dadaist manner, discloses the most disparate states, actions and reflections diverting any dramaturgical tendency towards a poetic area, leading to a visual discourse of a metaphorical nature.

The sound, with its discrepant dialogues is meant to give the film an absolute openness, intending to explore the plurivocal ability of new understandings, their sedimentation as sounds and images that deploy a variety of meanings, beyond the ones subsumed by the

consciousness of the author.


The darned bulb or the black holes which stain the absolute brightness of the sun, a metaphor which tries to render the hybrid structure of affective memory, its bright flow overshadowed by unpleasant spots of an emotional autobiography of surreal nature.An experiment in which the frames gradually and rhythmically compose, like the bricks of a wall, the structure of a visual poem that recovers states, thoughts and emotions of a real past that is deflected by memories towards a chimerical dimension. The absurd rigors of the communist past ethereally jumble, so diluting their corrosive substance through images which strangely detach themselves from the reality of those years. The experiences of the child, the young man and the adult, in fact the personification of phase perception, chaotically blend, suspended in an imaginary world, supported however by elements that could not be more real.

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