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5 November – 11 December 2010

EXPERIMENTA and Gallery EXIT jointly present Nadim Abbas: Cataract.

Sound Track of Victoria Fall by Edeas
 Waterfall by Chan 'Si Fu'

For his first one-man show in HK, Nadim Abbas will present a two-part installation, exploring his ongoing fascination with the psychological properties of water and the phenomenology of seeing.


The title, Cataract , denotes not only a waterfall, but also the ocular condition responsible for almost half of the world's blindness. Just as rapidly moving water turns from transparent to white, a cataract of the eye is formed when the lens becomes progressively opaque. The theme of opacity here shifts back and forth from connotations of reflected light to the obstruction and extinguishing of light that leads to blindness. Yet, as the Argentinean writer Borges once commented, "The world of the blind is not the night that people imagine." Conversely, one might conceive of a darkness that is formed of light, a kind of luminous night that persists in the world of appearances — it is this ambiguous aspect of the imaginary that Abbas seeks to locate.

Nadim Abbas (b.1980) is a HK based installation artist. His work explores the mechanics of seeing, often touching on the hidden violences and psychological traumas that permeate the seemingly innocuous facets of day-to-day life. He holds an MPhil in Comparative Literature from the University of Hong Kong and a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Chelsea College of Art, London.

Nadim Abbas
Cataract exhibition Experimenta
Experimenta Hong Kong
Cataract exhibition Nadaim Abbas
Experimenta Hong Kong
exhibition Experimenta Hong Kong
Cataract exhibition in Hong Kong
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